Fisher-Price Officials Testify on Infant Sleepers

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Fisher-Price Officials Testify on Infant Sleepers

A hearing was held this week by the House Committee on Oversight and Reform following the dozens of infant deaths linked to Fisher-Price products. The committee aims to analyze how the company was able to continue selling their popular Rock ‘n Play Sleeper products despite reports of suffocation deaths. The hearing is incredibly timely, as Fisher-Price has just recently announced yet another recall, this time for their 4-in-1 Rock ‘n Glider Soother.

The Dangers of Inclined Sleepers

Doctors and medical experts have cautioned parents and caregivers for years about the dangers of infant sleep. The safest way for a baby to rest is on their backs, with no blankets, pillows, toys, or inclines to contribute to possible suffocation. Older toddlers and children can simply readjust themselves when they roll into a position that jeopardizes their breathing. Infants are simply too young to do so. Despite this very common advice from medical experts, Fisher-Price continued to develop and sell products that ran the risk of suffocation. Even after learning of suffocation incidents involving their products, the company doubled down on their inclined sleeper offerings.

Lip Service from Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price officials say the news of these deaths is indeed heartbreaking, and reassure the public that “there’s nothing more important…than the safety of our products.” For families still grieving the loss of their babies, these words may ring extra hollow. As consumers, we expect the products we buy and use to be vetted thoroughly for safety risks. The Oversight Committee will work to determine whether Fisher-Price should have realized sooner that their products were dangerous.

Fisher-Price Sleeper Lawsuits

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