5in1 Rocker Bassinet Recall: A Dangerous Risk for Infants

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5in1 Rocker Bassinet Recall

5in1 rocker bassinet recall
Photo Credit: CPSC

The safety of our children is paramount, and recent warnings from federal safety regulators have highlighted a new, alarming risk for our little ones: the 5in1 Rocker Bassinets.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a serious warning this week urging parents and caregivers to cease using the 5in1 Rocker Bassinets. These products, which have been available online on Walmart.com and several other websites, present dire suffocation, strangulation, and fall hazards to babies. Shockingly, they fail to comply with federal safety standards established for infant products, including essential markings, labels, and instructions.

A Lack of Cooperation

The lack of tracking labels on these bassinets, which is a mandatory feature for children’s products, raises further concern about their safety and reliability. Alarmingly, the company responsible for importing these made-in-China bassinets, Missouri’s Rev Grace Import, has not shown cooperation with the CPSC’s warnings and has not provided any remedies for its customers.

For those who have purchased these bassinets, the CPSC’s advice is clear and unequivocal: dismantle them and dispose of the pieces. Notably, these bassinets are identifiable by their green and gray colors and distinct markings on the packaging.

Safe Sleep for Babies Act

This warning is especially poignant considering the CPSC’s recent efforts to enhance child safety. Just over a month ago, they expanded the 2022 Infant Sleep Product Rule. This now encompasses the provisions of the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, which notably bans the sale of crib bumpers – tied to a staggering 107 infant deaths from 1990 to 2016 – and inclined sleepers, such as the notorious Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play linked to over 100 fatalities.

The CPSC continues to emphasize that the safest sleep environment for an infant is on a firm, flat surface, preferably in a crib, bassinet, or play yard. Keep their sleep area simple: use only a fitted sheet and avoid adding any blankets, pillows, or padded crib bumpers. Always place infants on their back to sleep, and if they doze off in an inclined or upright position, promptly move them to a safer, flat surface.

Was Your Child Injured?

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