Dangerous Baby Products: Infant Inclined Sleepers

Rock ‘n Play Sleeper Recalled

rock n play lawyer lawsuitsNumerous lawsuits have been filed against Fisher-Price in response to more than 32 infant deaths involving the company’s Rock n’ Play Sleeper.

In April 2019, Fisher-Price recalled more than 4 million Rock n’ Play Sleepers due to a design flaw that allegedly causes infants to suffocate. According to Consumer Reports, babies who roll over in the Sleeper may be put in a position that cuts off their airway, resulting in asphyxia.

Pediatricians advise parents only to let their babies sleep flat on their back without bedding to prevent asphyxia. The lawsuits against Fisher-Price allege that the design of the Rock n’ Play Sleeper violates this well-known rule.

Other Recalled Inclined Sleepers

The following products have been recalled by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC):

These are just a handful of the dangerous products recalled by the CPSC. Parents with infants should pay close attention to the agency’s website for news and additional updates. With more than 73 deaths associated with such products, it’s no wonder so many experts encourage families to stop using inclined sleepers altogether.

What Should I Do If My Child Was Injured or Died?

If your child was injured or died while using the Rock n’ Play Sleeper, or any other recalled sleeper, and you intend to bring a claim, it’s important that you take certain steps to protect your legal rights. Your first move should be to contact a product liability attorney who understands the nuances of Rock n’ Play Sleeper lawsuits.

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Strict Time Deadlines for Claims

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How Our Lawyers Can Help Your Family

Although nothing can undo the tragedy you’ve experienced, filing a claim may provide a measure of closure. It might also inspire positive changes that save other infants’ lives in the future, and any financial award can be used to cover the damages related to your child’s injury or death such as life-long medical care and funeral costs.

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