HONEY JOY Infant Swings Recalled Due to Suffocation Hazard

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honey joy recalled infant sleeper
Photo Credit: CPSC

HONEY JOY has initiated a recall for their infant swings, exclusively available through Amazon.com, due to significant safety concerns. These swings do not adhere to federal safety guidelines and pose a potential suffocation risk for infants.

These swings conflict with the Safe Sleep for Babies Act, as their inclination angle surpasses 10 degrees and have been inappropriately marketed for infant sleep. Regrettably, there have been instances where infants lost their lives because of similar inclined sleepers when they rolled over without proper restraints. The swing also doesn’t meet the Safety Standard for Infant Swings.

Safety Standards Breached

The primary reason  for the recall is the swing’s inability to satisfy federal safety requirements. These norms exist to safeguard infants and ward off potential hazards. The HONEY JOY swings, in this context, are non-compliant and endanger infants.

The recall targets two specific HONEY JOY swing models: BB5569US-GR (gray) and BB5569US-BE (beige). Made up of metal, plastic, and a cloth seat, these swings measure roughly 28x28x24 inches. The brand “Babyjoy” is distinctly visible on the swing front and seat label.

The swings come with multiple features like a headrest, five-point harness, toy canopy, music options, and an adjustable seat. They operate on AAA batteries or an AC adapter, and a Bluetooth-enabled remote is also included. To ascertain the model, consumers can check the packaging, instructional guide, or the product registration card.

Urgent Action Required

If you own one of these swings, discontinue its use at once. Reach out to HONEY JOY for steps on returning the product and obtaining a complete refund. They’ll also instruct on its safe disposal.

Both Amazon and HONEY JOY are contacting known buyers regarding the recall. If you’re yet to be contacted and own one of these swings, please contact the company directly.

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