92 Infant Deaths Linked to Inclined Sleepers

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92 Infant Deaths Linked to Inclined Sleepers

An additional 19 infant fatalities have been added to the total number of deaths linked to the Fischer-Price Rock N Play infant sleeper device. The shocking 92 deaths have all been tied to the use of inclined sleepers manufactured by various companies. While experts and lawmakers have called for a ban on all such products, they remain on the shelves of many retailers.

Sounding the Alarm

In many cases, families impacted by the Rock N Play didn’t know the device was dangerous until after their baby suffered injuries while using the product. The design has been lauded as especially helpful in getting newborns to sleep soundly. While the inclined design may indeed help babies fall asleep, the product has a truly fatal flaw. Inclined sleepers may cause babies to roll over on their sides or stomachs while they sleep, restricting their airflow and causing them to suffocate.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death

It’s a sad truth that babies sometimes die suddenly and unexpectedly. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is every parent’s worst nightmare. Similarly, Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome, or SUIDS, is often directly tied to the objects in the crib or around the baby as they sleep. As researchers understand more and more about this phenomenon, we’ll continue to learn about the role inclined sleepers play on infant suffocation and fatalities.

If you know someone with an infant at home, be sure to alert them of the risks associated with inclined sleepers as soon as possible.

Dangerous Product Attorneys

In some cases, families may wish to pursue legal action against the companies who sell these products. While every case is different, a products liability lawyer can help families recover financial losses, future medical expenses, and costs associated with a wrongful death. If your baby suffered serious or fatal injury while using an inclined sleeper, contact us to discuss your legal rights.